Latest Trends in Automobile Technology

Latest Trends in Automobile TechnologyIn the recent years, Automobile sector has yielded several technologies that accomplish the need of consumers in every perspective. These technologies also keep an eye on the environmental factors for the fact that vehicles are a major contributor of pollution. Invention of new technologies never reached its end and in the consecutive years 2010 and 2011, newly designed auto model arrived in the market that uplifts digital systems. Apart from Digital systems, these cars address vehicle safety, sophisticated motor body, and telematics and embedded infotainment.

Any new technology invented comes under three divisions where technology continues to focus for betterment. They are Performance, Design, and Vehicle Safety. Here most famous inventions implemented and practiced in modern cars are discussed

1. Latest Performance based Inventions

Fuel cell vehicle is one of the emerging technologies that are pollution free. It provides power to the engine by producing electricity from the reaction of hydrogen present in the cells. Their working resembles to internal combustion engines and it is twice efficient than it. Computer chips play a major role in achieving powered drive and helps in functioning instruments such as Sensors and automatic car locking microprocessors. Wireless phone and Internet Connection that incorporates WAP has been introduced as a part of modern cars recently. Hybrid Cars is successful in the market and it saves fossil fuel. Being economical, Hybrid cars are also well known for durability and longevity. Modern cars use emission control system to monitor and adjust works besides driving. There is a catalytic converter provided to clean the exhaust by burning up unused fuel and chemicals. It is supported by oxygen sensors that indicate that there is enough oxygen for the catalyst to work.

2. Latest Design based Inventions

Visual appearance is essential besides smart technology used inside the car. Latest model cars concentrate on its design not just for advertisement but also to attract the younger generation. Compared to anterior model, Latest cars are designed based on many factors like accessories such as MP3 players, iPod, USB and Bluetooth function, accurate positioning dashboards, built in quality stereo systems, Seats and seat belts, and a furnished extraordinary car interior.

3. Latest Safety based Invention

Black Box technology - General Motors researched the implementation of Black box which is primarily used in flights for recording an accident. As General motors' have already tested taping information on speed, distance and locations covered, using Black Box in cars won't be a matter of concern. This technology though discovered is still under progression for the fact that it collects the private information where in flight it is seriously needed to understand and rectify the actual cause for the accident. But in Cars it is optional. In modern cars, safety is ensured by airbags that swells up immediately when met with an accident saving driver and passengers from smashing. Power brakes give the power to stop vehicle at any speed.
What once considered being an imagination is now a reality. Technology is steadily rising in its successful path and it reached miles away in a decade with the advent of flying cars which will be soon in the market once after approval.
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