Automotive Technology Degrees Provide Tools For A Variety Of Job Opportunities

Automotive Technology Degrees Provide Tools For A Variety Of Job OpportunitiesAn automotive technology degree can be achieved with many designations and certificates. The complexity of a car has required an equally complex field of repair personnel within this industry. Ultimately, automotive degrees provide the foundations for entry-level positions in the automotive industry that could lead to those managerial in nature should that be a part of your career goals. These programs are typically offered on both part-time and full-time schedules.

If you are interested in an automotive degree program you should possess the ability to work well with people, as well as the ability to work without direct supervision. You should have an aptitude for math and reading and have a natural inclination for mechanical operations. Additionally, you must possess adequate manual dexterity along with competent hand-eye coordination.

Graduates of automotive degree programs will typically have the necessary training to pass the Automotive Service Excellence exam in up to the eight ASE specialty areas. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence is a nationwide, nonprofit organization that strives to test and certify auto technicians throughout the county. A graduate with an Associate's of Applied Science in Automotive Technology and the ASE credentials will be appropriately recognized as a skilled automotive technician when applying for a job.

The automotive program will typically train you in a variety of fundamental automotive specialties. These will include appropriate foundations in the important areas of engine repair, brakes, and electrical systems. You will also learn what is known as HVAC training, which covers heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The program continues with training that involves automotive transmissions, drivetrain and axles, and suspension and steering. You also will gain experience in maximizing engine performance.

An Associate's of Applied Science in Automotive Technology typically requires 70 credits for completion, which can be achieved in two-years on a full-time basis. Depending on the school, however, credit requirements may differ, so make sure to inquire before enrolling. The program includes the obvious automotive coursework plus the successful completion of courses in the following fields: science, accounting, communications, humanities, and management. Additionally, classroom work is supplemented by relevant lab work and practical experience gained through an integrated internship required for graduation.

Automotive technology degrees are designed to provide proper preparation to students seeking immediate employment upon graduation. Should you wish to transfer to a four-year college to obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree in Automotive Engineering Technology or a related field, these programs and their credits are typically transferable to four-year schools.

A well-trained automotive mechanic will find many career prospects within the different facets of the automobile industry. Graduates can choose to be self-employed or work as technicians for various businesses, such as tire centers, automobile dealerships, or service centers. A college graduate with an ASE certification will be deemed competent and qualified with the ability to locate employment across the automotive industry.

Automotive technical training opportunities are as diverse as the automobiles that need repair. When considering online certificate programs and degrees, you'll want to know what kinds of automotive classes you'll be taking. It is important to select a school whose training program is an up-to-date reflection of current industry procedures that will train you to successfully and efficiently repair automobiles and solve customer issues. As an added bonus, to help jump start your career, many automotive certificate programs will issue, upon graduation, a specialized tool set to facilitate your transition from student to successful technician.
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