Thailand to launch National Flying Eco-Car Project


Obviously Thailand wants to take over to become the leading Asian Carmaking Country while Japan struggles to restart it's damaged factories and China's car industry is clearly doomed as they are waiting for earthquake proof new nuclear reactors from Germany, which yesterday decided to shut down their nuclear power plant production industry in the wake of this months events:
Thai Automotive Industry spokesman Kanote Fleisabei announced the new Government Car project which has been jointly developed by leading Thai Automotive Suppliers at a meeting with AFG blog writer Uli Kaiser in Bangkok.
"This exciting program will put our country at the forefront of technology allowing personal airborne transit. Technologywise we go totally green combining new breakthrough hybrid palmoil-tapioca engine technology with a chassis  built 100% from coconut and it's byproducts, meaning: we save the planet and also fly quickly around Thailand instead of waiting in the traffic jam." 

The design team in Saraburi has finished the first prototype of the FLYBYNITE model currently tested in Londons traffic. Future developments include the flying pick up truck and a flying motorcycle for Pattaya's congested streets.

The Flybynite Prototype developed in Saraburi spotted doing test flight in London

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